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Killenure Castle
Everything for your Wedding day

The only standing four round tower Tudor castle in Ireland, Killenure Castle was built during the reign of Elizabeth I in the later part of the sixteenth century, by the O'Dwyer Clan and burnt down by Cromwell's troops in 1665. This castle has magnificent stature and beautiful architectural lines, some early glass still remains in the windows of the four round towers standing on each corner of the main structure. One tower is fully operational and has three habitable rooms. The Cooper family lived and developed the estate for six generations. Many books and articles have been published on the history of this castle and house.


The out buildings of the central yard surround a magnificent old Sycamore (Maple) tree at its centre. There are many stables ands an art studio and framing studio, with many opportunities for further creative working and living spaces. Blueprints for a music studio and leisure spa/swimming pool have also been created.

Everything for your Wedding day

Build in: sixteenth century
Capacity: ?
Location: Dundrum,
Co. Tipperary

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Telephone: 087 697 8256



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