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Cloghan Castle
Everything for your Wedding day

The castle was attacked and burned in a well documented assault in 1595 and confiscated by the Crown.  It was granted, together with 6,000 acres to Sir John Moore in 1601 and he was responsible for the existing oak beamed roof.  Sir John was sacked from his Government post when it was discovered that he was and remained a Catholic.  The castle remained in the Moore family until it was taken by Cromwellian soldiers in 1650 who remained in residence until thrown out on the orders of King Charles II in 1683.

Cloghan Castle occupies an estate of some 145 acres. The castle is an historic monument in Ireland and therefore protected by the state. As such it also enjoys very substantial tax relief on expenditures and death duties. The estate has 73 acres of land returned to commercial woodland , through which it enjoys a tax free income. The estate has also been used to raise sheep which can attract EU subsidies.

Everything for your Wedding day

Build in: 1336
Capacity: 7 bedrooms
Location: Lusmagh
Co. Offaly

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